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Digital Marketing for Restaurants
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What's A Restaurant's Worst Nightmares...


» No New Customers

Struggling to bring new customers to your restaurant? Then chances are that this month your revenues are going to be about the same or below-average than previous months. Why be in business if this is a recurring issue?

» No Repeat Customers

Do you have what it takes to make diners come back again & again? Repeat customers are the soul of your restaurant. More diners, more revenue. Do you know how to do this consistently? 

» Slow Growth

The competition is hungry to eat up your market share & you’re struggling to grow? Slow growth can be hard to tackle, but there’s always a way to get back on track and beat competition. Start by taking a different approach in getting new & repeat customers systematically. 

Find out how your restaurant can increase its bottom line predictably!

Are You Facing These Challenges?​


» Expensive Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is expensive, rarely ROI positive, and unpredictable or scalable. Are you using a traditional broken wood stove in your restaurant? Most likely not. Then would traditional broken marketing strategies make sense?


There are just too many similar restaurants in every neighborhood. Why is it that only a few have diners waiting in lines while others struggle to get notice? Wouldn’t you like to have an edge over your competition?


Your customers have moved past the technological barrier. What about you? Technology is here to help, but only to those who embrace it. If your customers are using social media to discover new & recommended places, then that’s where you should be marketing to them. 

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A Restaurant’s Dream »

Packed Restaurant. Diners happily lining up. Tables reserved weeks in advance.

Still, 80 percent of restaurants close their doors within five years, reports CNBC. Owners of successful restaurants know that great food isn’t enough. To succeed in the marketplace, you also need a solid restaurant-marketing plan.


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Digital Marketing For Restaurant

Ask Yourself:

  • Do your customers trust your brand?
  • Do they turn to you whenever they need, say, the best Italian catering in San Francisco?
  • How can you collect data to improve the experience of your diners?
  • How can you use that data to fill up more tables at the beginning of the week? Every week, month, & year!
  • How can you capture more feedback from your diners in a way that might cultivate trust and loyalty?

Most Restaurants don’t do this…

Are you a bakery, a bar or a diner? Your customers should easily know what’s your specialty and how to recommend it to their friends.

Even though you have excellent customer service, a great chef, and a mouthwatering menu, they still fall short to being unique selling points. They simply meet the expectations of most customers. It is time to change that expectation.

You need an original idea – a unique reason people eat at your restaurant.

If you don’t have systems in place, it’s hard to predict foot traffic to your restaurant. Generally, for new restaurants foot traffic is not consistent. If you’re more established, then consistency with a system in place to keep your tables full is a priority. But do you have that? How do you maintain a regular flow of customers? Word-of-mouth marketing is effecting but not long lasting or powerful enough to grow exponentially within a reasonable time. In order to have systems in place you need to factor in a fail-safe plan that accounts the unpredictable.

Your employees make the first impression of how pleasant the experience will be at your restaurant. Your employees are your brand ambassador. Hiring the right employee who believes in your mission statement will reflect that belief in the way they serve your customers.

You can serve tasty food, but if you provide mediocre service, diners won’t forgive you. But how are you going to do this effectively when high employee turnover rates are burning up the kitchen? With the right marketing channels your ROI will produce the capital to hire and train the right manpower to properly represent your venue and your brand. This naturally results in more butts on seats!!! 

Payroll is a hot topic. Wages are increasing across the globe, while many small business and restaurants are trying to keep up with their payroll.

Sometimes the only way to resolve disgruntled employees from applying to open positions at your restaurant is by paying above average salaries. But, make the interview process fierce. Be sure that the people you are interviewing are potentially the right person to be ambassadors to your brand and venue. This will be reflected in the way they serve customers and so increase repeat customer satisfaction on service alone. More customers mean more business which equal sustainable & attractive wages that you can offer.


I can help you solve all these problems.

My name is Lionel Cabral. I help restaurants grow their brand & get more new & repeat customers using Facebook ads.

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Digital markting has changed the game. My expertise can help you leverage the real power of digital media.

You will have a result driven marketing plan

Facebook marketing is not only cost effective but the ROI possibilities has no competition at the moment. Meaning, you’d be marketing in an almost non-competitive market place. Facebook marketing for restaurants isn’t saturated. It’s wide open for those who take action now!


Every business is hopeful. No more wishing on a chicken bone that this month – by some miracle – new & repeat customers suddenly line up at your restaurant door. I can help you get ahead of competition with a crystal clear marketing action plan. 

Our Clients Say...

“I loved the fact that Lionel is also a Restaurateur. He not only delivered higher than expected ROI, he also consulted, advised, and guided me with managing my restaurant. A marketer who is also invested in restaurants, you can’t beat that!”
Rita O.
Trattoria, Chicago, IL.
“When my partner said he wanted to invest only on Facebook ads, I was really puzzled. I changed my mind after the first opening day. Lionel was confident even before our grand opening. He is an expert at restaurant marketing.”
Charli T.
Food Truck, San Francisco, Ca.
“I never thought that I could realistically have more customers come through my doors. I own an upscale bistro in a not so glamorous area of town. But Lionel and his team brought the clientele I’ve always wished I could have on a regular basis.”
Frank K.
Brasserie, Miami, Fl.
“To get a consistent 35% increase in revenue and having that be my new watermark revenue for the past year is the results Lionel got for me. My restaurant was struggling. That’s why I won’t let go of him. He knows how to get results and increase sales to say the least.”
Alberto E.
Teppanyaki, Kansas City, Mo.

Recipe for powerful marketing »

Imagine teaming with a digital marketer who has owned successful brands & has invested in restaurants within the US and abroad. Focused & being fierce while driving results in crowded markets, yet calm and mindful when the heat turns up in the kitchen is a forte. I’ve been around the block enough times to know how to get hungry customers to keep coming back for more. 

Business Growth with a touch of Spice. Ingredients needed: 

  • Cost-Effective Marketing
  • Unique selling point
  • Targeted Results
  • Your food served to the right audience


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